Galactic Federation Intervention on Mars, Moon & Earth

In this third interview on Exopolitics Today with Dr. Michael Salla, Elena Danaan discusses Galactic Federation operations against repressive extraterrestrial races on Mars, the Moon and Earth. Elena describes a Galactic Federation military intervention against Draconian (Ciakar) Reptilian and Tall Gray bases on Mars that she telepathically witnessed through her primary ET contact, Thor Han. She further explains how the Galactic Federation is able to intervene against advanced technologies built by the Deep State with the help of repressive alien groups designed to control and manipulate humanity. Finally, Elena discusses some spiritual techniques people can use to protect themselves against negative alien groups and how to raise one’s frequency and consciousness.

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3 thoughts on “Galactic Federation Intervention on Mars, Moon & Earth

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  2. I have gone to Elena’s channel on youtube and watched a few of her videos. They are very informative and fascinating. I usually do not consider channeling reliable, but feel in her case that it is credible. There are messages alluding to balance and its importance, in addition to candor and a straightforwardness which have impressed me. Her story and messages have been shared.
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  3. I met an astronomer friend in 94 who worked at NASA and I “viewed” him as a prisoner of the Nazis. We were telepathic together and he was often sent to Mars where I could remote view his work similar to Elena’ vision of this battle. His life has been completely controlled by these reptiles/Nazis; they mind control, erase his memory, and manipulate his career and life completely even now he is in his 70’s. They illegally operated on his brain to insert implants in 98, and then they forced him to marry a crazy lady. They have tried to kill him many times; they humiliate him constantly to lower his energy and self esteem, even though he is a brilliant scientist who has invented something original. In 98 my friend Jack helped him with a shield, and he got a job away from Yuma,AZ. That created a huge battle with the demonics and angels that we called “Armageddon” April 4, 1998. It was predicted by Edgar Cayce. The humans and angels beat the demons on the 4th dimension and we were told it was the first time humans had been able to defeat them. They would not surrender, but all killed themselves. We were attacked on the 4th dimension which felt like sucking out energy and prickles all over the brain. My friend is still a prisoner and unable to live his own life. These Nazi-reptilians are beyond any moral we understand. They have no empathy, no heart, no feeling for others, no concern about what they destroy or dirty with their hunger for control and their greed. According to Carlos Castaneda, they have literally given us their brain, so unless we tune into our hearts and right brain, we act with the same hunger and greed without love or compassion for others. If these are God’s children then there has to be a massive effort to either destroy them as vermin, or to rehabilitate them to give them a heart…! They do not belong in God’s universe as they are.

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