Short Film – Exposing the Big Lie: America’s UFO Technology

The Director of National Intelligence is scheduled to release a comprehensive report on June 25 to the US Senate that will conclude, according to official leaks, that UFOs are an unknown national security threat! Why is this a ‘Big Lie’? What’s the Deep State agenda behind promoting this now through the mainstream media after decades of dismissing the UFO phenomenon?

Watch this short film about how America has been secretly reverse engineering captured extraterrestrial spacecraft since the WW II era, and is on the verge of releasing some of its secret UFO technologies through the United States Space Force.

I wish to thank my inspired and incredibly gifted wife, Angelika Whitecliff, for the many hours she devoted to creating this short film and raising public awareness of these critical issues.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Available on YouTube, Rumble and Vimeo

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One thought on “Short Film – Exposing the Big Lie: America’s UFO Technology

  1. Sure it’s a big lie. Since Eisenhower made a treaty with the Grays, the Grays have been working with the 3 letter Deep State. But, by that time, The Air Force, & the Navy already had at least 7 of the Gray’s “UFO’S”, & were probably close to having a working craft of our own. I saw a crude triangle fly over my house at very low altitude in around 1980. What I saw was definitely built here on Earth. I’m not sure the aliens have any triangle craft, I believe that design came about for 2 reasons, #1: We repaired at least 1 of their crashed craft & we had 1 that they left running on the Kingman airfield, but the problem was the Grays are so small we couldn’t fit in their craft. #2: We didn’t have the raw materials on Earth to duplicate the structure of their craft, so we back engineered the anti-gravity propulsion system & built a craft from earth materials. These have become known as “TR-3 series craft, the most famous is known as the TR-3B. The one I saw was probably the original design, plain TR. I believe the Air Force & the Navy still consider the Grays to be Hostiles, & rightly so, considering their Cattle Mutilations, Human Abductions & Mutilations. Where I lived at the time of the sighting was about 250 miles from Area 51.

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