Mission to Underground Civilization in Florida and a Gift for Humanity

JP, who currently serves with the US Army, recently led a covert mission of eight military personnel to an underground facility in Florida guarded by a strange race of insectoid looking custodians (aka Ant People). His team was taken to a massive underground garden where they saw a very large tree that absorbed copious amounts of water from an adjacent stream, and emitted a filtered flow of water that was highly rejuvenating.

JP’s description of the large tree with the rejuvenating waters could be compared to the mythical Tree of Life in religious texts, or the Fountain of Youth as described by Ponce De Leon. JP says that seeds from the rejuvenating tree were given to him by the custodians.of the underground garden/civilization, and taken back to his military command as a gift to humanity.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, JP discusses the mission he led, the TR-3B that took him to the underground Florida cavern, and the gifts given to surface humanity by the custodians (Ant People) guarding the underground garden/civilization he visited.

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Many thanks to Angelika Whitecliff for editing the sound of this interview with JP.

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2 thoughts on “Mission to Underground Civilization in Florida and a Gift for Humanity

  1. Can you please explain or address the very real topic of targeted individuals ( like me ) who are targeted via us being too awokened to the very real inconvenient truth of our own lives existence here in Earth? Why are they and I targeted and gang stalked, bombed with chemtrails over our homes and yes I have had UFO and Extraterrestrial and multidimensional metaphysical experiences ever since I was a very young boy. Also thank you for what you do Dr Michael Salla.

  2. Even as i type this I am being monitored by a suddenly near home hovering South Australian police helicopter, don’t they know their being abusive and doing themselves a fundamental disservice by participating as bullies and human abusers of targeted individuals who are far more aware than the public masses who are purposely kept small minded ignorent and stupid so they can be more eaily abused and manipulated?

    Please do a post on targeted individuals

    regards Troy Australia

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