Understanding Anunnaki History, the Return of Enki and the Impact on UFO Disclosure

Elena Danaan has had several face to face meetings and maintains regular communications with Enki/Ea since his return to our solar system in 2021. During that time he has shared with her detailed knowledge about the history of Earth and the role his half-brother, Enlil/Yuh had in the destruction of Atlantis and the Great Flood. Enki/Ea explained how Enlil/Yuh subsequently allowed Draconian Reptilians to interfere in the Earth experiment to ensure that humanity would never live up to its potential, and ensured that Enki/Ea’s influence on Earth would be minimized. Enlil/Yuh and his supporters subsequently allowed the development of the Abrahamic religions which promoted dogmatic belief systems and demonized the alchemical, kundalini and other genome activation practices that Enki/Ea had encouraged for the awakening of the human potential. Enki/Ea is the current heir to the Anunnaki Empire which has given him the opportunity to redress the many atrocities committed by Enlil/Yu against humanity’s development and alliance with the Dracos.

Today, Enki/Ea is collaborating with  US Space Command and the Earth Alliance in helping humanity take over the control of former Anunnaki bases on Saturn and facilitating humanity’s awakening. Elena Danaan next discusses the apparent rift in relations between US Space Command’s James Dickinson and Northcom/NORAD’s Glenn VanHerck when it comes to relations with extraterrestrial visitors, and the implications when it comes to sharing the fruits of advanced technologies that are currently being reverse engineered on the Moon and corporate facilities.

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3 thoughts on “Understanding Anunnaki History, the Return of Enki and the Impact on UFO Disclosure

  1. If we are already liberated and now free, as confirmed on 4 July, why is there no evidence other than speeches? This is a major problem with believability, despite what information is discussed. There are no photographs or video footage of these contacts, trips or excursions. Sadly it resembles much New Age rubbish, pedalled online these days. Considering DISCLOSURE is the goal for the people of earth, then surely more tangible evidence is required. Photographs of the discussed characters and settings, craft and technologies (not paintings or drawings). It is just not that believable to most people, who are not into any of this, which is sadly, the majority of humanity, the very people you’re all trying to reach. When will this disclosure actually be revealed to the world. These talks and books have been going for quite a few years, but little else, other than the stories getting more elaborate. To most people, it is only stories, ie, fantasy – without more tangible evidence. I do understand JP can’t provide much in the position he’s in, but what about the rest? More is required. People will soon lose Interest if the disclosure stays like this. Most of my friends, colleagues and family networks do not believe any of this. Its just over-active imaginations to them, and not relevant in their lives at all. Here is the problem. I’ve noticed the information over the past few months has not really changed, just a repeat of the last 2 years of information. If disclosure is the goal, more actual evidence needs to be uncovered/revealed, or people will just ignore it all.

    • … when will the healing technologies, such as med beds and crystalline technologies as well as power technologies be given to all of humanity (NOT devices that some sell, but the blueprints for all people to be able to create themselves)?
      With today’s government and big business operations, it is unlikely we’re getting anything soon from any of them. All citizens of Earth deserve to have complete, unrestricted access to them.

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