Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – Sept 30, 2023

Week in Review Topics:

  • Theories on Faster than Light space travel,
  • Jack Sarfatti on reverse engineering efforts space time technologies,
  • Congressional opposition to the UAP Disclosure Act for 2023,
  • JP Update on returning activation jewel to Atlantic space ark,
  • Are whistleblowers only revealing unsuccessful reverse engineering programs of UFO technologies,
  • Michael Schellenberger has spoken to more whistleblowers about classified programs,
  • Rendlesham Forest UFO witness claims the vehicle came from the future,
  • Vol 2 of US Army Insiders released on Monday Oct 2,
  • Webinar on UFO Crash Retrievals held today,
  • Identifying prominent officials opposing the UAP Disclosure Act,
  • Excellent primer on how UAP Disclosure Act would be implemented once passed into law,
  • Some UFO researchers are talking about extraterrestrials living among us,
  • Anton Anfalov reveals more on Russia UFO crashes and reverse engineering programs,
  • Elena Danaan reflects on similarities between Jerry Wills and another Tau Cetian, Val Nek,
  • Dept of Energy puts up its own UFO documents website.

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