Leaked Summary of Classified UAP Report – Genuine or Disinformation?

On June 30, veteran UFO researcher Richard Dolan released a leaked summary of the classified version of the UAP report delivered to the US Senate five days earlier. The alleged summary asserts that members of Congress were informed of eight breakthrough propulsion technologies being studied and tested at Nevada’s Area 51 and Tonopah Test Range. None of the advanced propulsion technologies were deployed outside of these testing facilities, according to the summary, and therefore none of craft identified in the June 25 UAP report belong to the US.

This Exopolitics Today podcast examines competing claims over whether evidence exists that such craft have been successfully built and deployed by different branches of the US military.

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2 thoughts on “Leaked Summary of Classified UAP Report – Genuine or Disinformation?

  1. None belonged to the U.S. … hmmm then what was that triangle shaped craft that quietly went over my house in Ogden 3 months ago? It wasn’t a UFO since it had a red blinking light in the middle. It glided over my house silently coming from Doughway Proving grounds towards Hill AFB. I’m not sure Dolan and Elizondo are reputable, especially with Elizondo still being on govt payroll which he admitted in one of his interviews. We will see.

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