The Cosmic Hoax: What’s Coming?

On July 4, Dr. Steven Greer released his latest documentary film – ‘The Cosmic Hoax’. In it, he presented evidence of a decades-long plan to stage an alien false flag invasion. He described multiple aspects of the plan and key figures in its implementation. He asserts that the staged event is imminent given recent developments in the mass media and US politics concerning the June 25 UAP report. What’s missing in Dr Greer’s analysis of a Cosmic Hoax is another kind of alien false flag event.

In this Exopolitics Today podcast, Dr. Michael Salla examines The Cosmic Hoax, pointing out its strengths and shortcomings as an expose on a future alien psyop, especially when it comes to a very different kind of staged alien event – an ‘Alien Rescue’ or ‘Salvation’.

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One thought on “The Cosmic Hoax: What’s Coming?

  1. odds are that at least one E.T. faction has established hybrids here within our ruling elites and we may be their created slave race to be utilized in the harvest of Earth’s resources. How I’ve concluded this may be the case, is because a)no way humans could have evolved “unassisted” from apes within the ~million years as claimed by the now established “science cult” and b)because there’s virtually no chance we’re alone nor ever been alone, yet the the global elites continues to obscure our reality from the late ’40’s to long after we collectively suspected all this. I further posit that we are near the end of our “usefulness” to “them”,once WEF director Dr Kraus Shwab’s 4rth Industrial Revolution Ai displaces humans (necessitating Great Reset depopulation).
    A large factor may be the Prime Directive , skirted by a malevolent E.T. faction who has established the aforementioned Hybrids to carry out their agenda indirectly-thus avoiding Federation sanction.
    I see a False Flag Invasion if humanity mounts strong resistance against the Great Reset/Build Back Better, perhaps forcing the Hybrids into a Fake Invasion, but this may effect a nullification of The Prime Directive, bringing a REAL punitive intervention by the Federation against THEM.

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